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Medium, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Channeling, Akashic Records

Edward is a natural born spiritual medium, in practice over 40 years. He is known for his ability to see clear and precise details about people’s lives and situations, and the lives of those who have crossed over. He helps you communicate with your spirit guide, your angels, your own and others’ Akashic records, and those who have crossed over. He also offers spirit/ghost discovery & relocation, psychometry, and empathic channeling. He helps gently bring a person back to themselves, and become centered to clearly see their life paths and life lessons.

Bridge to Wellness, interview with Edward



“You shared that my deceased son had his grandma with him. I said that could not be, as both his grandmothers were alive. You insisted she was with him, and your exact words were, ‘She has his back.’ I still shook my head NO. Then you described her personality. It was accurate, but I still said, NO. We would know if she was dead. You then told me she IS gone, and she died last year! I was a little angry about this.

Well, 3 days later, I received a phone call from my son’s father, whom we have not talked to in months. He told me that he just learned that his mother died about 10 months ago. I freaked out! ”

“My husband had just lost both of his parents about five months before we saw Edward. He was having problems dealing with their death. My husband needed to find out if they were okay. Edward reassured him and described where his father was now. And he shared messages from his mother, in just the way she would have said it, in the exact words that she use to use all the time. There’s no way could Edward have know those exact words. You could feel the emotion in the words, as if she were talking directly to my husband. Afterwards, my husband knew things were going to be okay with his parents. He was finally at peace.”

“It is unbelievable how Edward can communicate with our loved ones and describe them in such detail. Right down to a pipe, what kind of tobacco was used in it, or how much hair a person had. Edward, thank you for helping us in our time of need and helping us get answers from the other side. You are a very special man.”

“Several months previously, my nephew, who was in the Air Force, was killed in a shooting incident on his base. The night he was killed, before I knew about it, I had a dream that had contained images of a cemetery, a wooden coffin and a military funeral. The next morning, I received a phone call from my sister, sharing the news of his death. Later, when attending his service, I looked under the flag draping his coffin to discover that indeed his coffin was, in fact, made of wood, and the same color that appeared in my dream.

I asked Edward about this dream and what it meant, giving as few details as possible (Mr. Skeptic). Edward said, “He is telling me his name is Bryn” (pronounced Bree-In). He was exactly right, and my first thought was how amazing it was for him to come up with that name. I started to lose some of my skepticism, but still remained cautious. Over the next 30 minutes, Edward revealed details of the incident, (location of wounds, circumstances surrounding the incident, etc.) that proved to be 100% accurate when I later discussed them with Bryn’s mother.

Six months later, Edward said ‘I have a message from the Air Force Kid.’ I was stunned that after 6 months of countless readings and clients, Edward would remember me and my nephew. Edward shared that Bryn wanted me to tell his mother he was ok, and she should not keep wishing him back. He shared he was met upon passing by his grandfather (my father), who had helped him make the transition. Her tears and grieving were hurting him and holding him back from his transition.

Obviously, I was hesitant to speak to my sister about this. But after several weeks, I was talking to Edward via phone about some work related issues, when he said that Bryn asked again for me to deliver these messages to his mother. After that, I knew I had to do it and I called my sister and related the entire story to her. After I had shared the specifics of the ‘odd’ things that happened since Bryn passed, she told me that I was 100% accurate. When I told her Bryn wanted her to stop wishing him back, she said he had come to her in her dreams several times and given her the same message. Edward is truly a remarkable and gifted medium.”

“You did a reading for me and my mother about 2 years ago. You shared that someone who was shot down during WWII was trying to contact me. I asked my mother if we know anybody who matched that description, and she said no. You said that it was an uncle figure on my grandmother’s side. Still, no go. You said that you saw the number 11 over and over again. He was a gunner on a plane. He had a baby face, and that there was a write-up on him in the newspaper at that time about the plane that he was on. Also that it happened late in the war. We had no idea who you where talking about.

Later, we connected with my grandmother. She shared that before WWII, they took in a man who had no home. They treated him like a son. He even called them Mom and Dad. When he went into the war, he was shot down overseas. They never saw him again. My grandmother gave us his name.

I was able to find a newspaper article on him. He was shot down on November 11, 1944.

My mother went and saw you a couple of weeks later to tell you what we found out, and asked you why he was trying to contact us. You said that he just wanted to tell us that he is looking over our family now, just like my grandparents look over him.
—Trinka L., Valley Springs


Edward shares more about his work

As a Spiritual Medium, I have developed the skills/abilities of clairvoyance (includes remote viewing), clairsentience, clairaudience, spirit/ghost discovery & relocation, psychometry, empathic channeling, the ability to communicate with your spirit guide, your angels, your own and others’ Akashic Records and those who have crossed over to the other side whether they were family, friends, other loved ones, and sometimes animals. Using those psychic abilities, I listen, see, sense, feel, and sense smells originated from this side of or beyond the veil of Earth from those who are on your spiritual realm.

I can hear from your Spirit Guides: those you have a contract with in this life to guide you throughout your life paths. They provide insights, warning, and ‘that I told you so’ feeling we sometimes get when we know we should not have done something.

Angels: angels are higher powers that protect us against accidental harm. Like stepping off a curb like a care-free 10 ten year old, but he get stopped for some reason as the truck goes by. There are other spirits that you may have a contract or an agreement with, in this or a past lifetime. They include those whom you have completely loved/they loved you in this life or a past life. At some time, you have given a piece of your soul them/they to you, which creates a powerful one-to-one soul connection.

Council Members: these are groups of Elders which have approved your lessons and journey on Earth. They might fit with your image of your ‘God or Higher Power.”

I was stunned when I was informed in channel with my guides that 75-95% of the messages, things, events, dreams, we see as "Psychic Abilities" really are communications from our Spirit Guides, angels, and others who cares and love us on the other side.

All I am is the listener and translator for information from your other side, that you can’t see, hear, feel, easily yourself.

It is your spiritual realm which uses my psychic abilities to love you, which is the act of gently bringing you back to your center so that you can see where you are at, how you got there, and how to moving forward using your own free will choice.