Marcia Hughes


Tuesdays, 12-7pm
& 2nd Saturdays

$45/15min • $75/30min
$100/45 min • $130/60min

Spiritual Intuitive Counselor, Healer

An intuitive guide and professional healer for 40 years, Marcia is a certified sound healer, cranial sacral therapist and nutritionist. She is also a master tarot reader and astrologer. Her extensive background in spiritual studies and practice has given her gifts to help heal anxiety and depression, and be a support through life's challenges. She has extensive Buddhist training in the death process and can help with grief and grief-related issues.

Personal testimonials and stories below



People love Marcia on Yelp. These are some of the testimonials she has received:

“Marcia Hughes is a blessing, and her healing intuition is accurate. I had been dealing with an energy block for quite some time that was very physically painful. I had also been dealing with an energy block in the left part of my solar plexus for quite some time. I had also been dealing with an overall sensation of being blocked in my heart and lost in my head.

After putting her hands under my head for a while, she went straight to the block by my solar plexus and described the tar-like energy she was removing. The relief was tremendous! After she worked on my chest area for a while I found myself take my first deep breath without resistance in over a year. She also gave me a few unique messages that have helped me to continue to heal myself: I needed to dance more, laugh more, connect with Mother Earth more and forgive myself. The feelings of gratitude and heart-mind connection that this healing facilitated have been indescribably helpful in my journey and they have only increased since then. Marcia’s healing is no subtle reiki-like treatment, It is a comprehensive spiritual fine-tuning that will leave you thanking God for bringing you to her!”
— Ney Grant, UCSC senior

“My connection with Marcia is a wild story. I ended up in her shop with a friend of mine while I was passing through town about a year ago. I didn't get a reading, never set an appointment, but I left my phone number and six months later she tracked me down and told me I needed to go to the hospital that night. After a series of very synchronistic events, I ended up in the ER late at night and they found a brain tumor the size of an orange on my left frontal lobe. They said I could have had a seizure at anytime. She's legit, she saved my life, and I have incredible gratitude for her and that she pursued getting me the message. So much love for you Marcia!”
—JoAnna S.

“I contacted Marcia because I was hoping to get some insight into my relationships with my children, and their paths in life. Marcie seemed to a get a clear impression of my children immediately. I was astounded about how accurately she described their characters and some situations they were navigating. She gave me excellent advice, and helped me deal skillfully with situations that seemed overwhelming at that moment. Since then, I know I have a good friend to call when I need help with confusing and difficult moments in my life.”
—Johana M.

“Marcia is a wonderful person and a very talented spiritual advisor. I have been seeing her for quite some time, and she always gives accurate information and guidance. I always feel better after seeing her—much more balanced and focused. She has also helped me with anxiety episodes that I was having prior to a big exam (which I scored in the top 5% thanks to her help). She was able to help me overcome the negative thought associated with the test. I highly recommend Marcia to anyone who is seeking harmony and balance in their lives.”
—Melinia H.

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“Marcia is a very gifted soul. She is able to see right into the heart of the matter and assist her clients in finding the clarity that they are seeking. After receiving a reading from her, I was able to move forward with some important life choices with confidence and courage. I will definitely be seeing her again for assistance in other life matters.

I definitely recommend a visit with Marcia for anyone that has a heaviness or cloudiness they are looking to lift. She will see into you with grace and acceptance and allow spiritual healing and messages to come through her. She also is genuinely caring about each individual she meets. I’m very grateful to her.”
—Willow F.

“Marcia is the real deal. She is a wise, intuitive, and simply gifted as a healer. If you know what questions you’ve been wanting to find answers for, come with an open mind and good intentions, and get ready to do the work. Together she has helped me with releasing energy blocks, lifting the fog from what has been holding me back, discovering true purpose, and navigating changing tides in career life.

I trust her, and would recommend her to friends and family that might be in need of deep healing, peace, or tap into their intuition or higher consciousness. She has helped me feel connected and at peace with the mind, body, and spirit. I travel lighter and feel my most authentic self after our sessions. Thank you Marcia, for what you do!”
—Kat L.

“Marcia is one of the best intuitive spiritual counselors I have met. I have had numerous sessions with her. She has a strong psychic gift of perception. She speaks very straightforward and clearly not in generalities. She helped me identify core patterns that were arising in my life, while providing deep insight and healing to help me shift these painful patterns. She is a gentle person with excellent discernment. I am so grateful to have experienced her work. After a session, I feel so much clarity. I feel so understood. She was even able to reveal to me that when I was a very young child, I wore braces on my feet. This is information that she could not have possibly knew without intuitively tapping in. She revealed this information that was indeed accurate with a message underneath that helped me gain deeper insight in regards to an issue I was currently dealing with at the time. Her sessions are profound and deeply healing. I feel gratitude that she is able to share her gift with the community.”
—Bree B.

“I scheduled a phone session with Marcia about 2 weeks ago when I was going through a difficult phase of my life. I felt like I needed a long term solution to face any sort of life challenges, instead of bouncing between states of happiness when I got the things I wanted, and sadness when I didn’t. I’m glad I spoke to Marcia because she provided guidance on the things that I could do in order to let go of my frustrations. She listened to me patiently and made me feel like I was talking to a friend. The solutions she provided were profound, and in carrying out one of them, I learned more about myself and it has given me relief. As I put more of her suggestions to practice, I feel like I’m gaining perception, clarity and most importantly I feel more sure about myself than before. Thank you so much Marcia.”
—Soundarya R.

In 2006 my mother was murdered. At 83, she was stabbed to death in her very secure condo near Los Angeles. As I was making plans to fly to Los Angeles the day I learned of my mothers death Marcie “happened” to call. I told her what had happened and she said perhaps she could help, as she had been trained in working with death. She said she would try to reach my mother, and that people who have been murdered often do not know they are dead. I was in shock already and quite upset, but even so, I was surprised by her assurance. We hung up and I went back to getting ready to fly to LA.

Several hours later Marcia called and told me she had reached my mother who infact did not know she was dead. Marcia helped her get out of her body and directed to her to the light, as Marcia described to me.

Several years later I had an opportunity to talk with a psychic and I asked her about my mother. She told me that my mother was fine after someone kindly came to tell my mother she was dead, and helped her to get out of her body. (I told the psychic nothing about Marcia.)

Marcia is very intuitive and in touch with her higher self. I recommend her as a wise, trustworthy counselor and healing resource. She is also so warm and generous. The interaction I have described above made such an enormous difference to me. It provided great solace as well as confirming again the mystery of life and death and how much we do not know about what happens when a soul transitions.”
—Diana Davis, San Anselmo CA

More about Marcia

Marcia has been an intuitive guide and professional healer for 40 years. She is informed by over 20 years of extensive wisdom mediation retreats in India, England, Nepal and California. Through 25 years of Buddhist studies Marcia has developed her gift as a Medium to work with those who have passed to the other side. She has specialized in sudden death and helping the deceased go to the light, and she is a bridge connecting those on earth for healing and resolving any issue with loved ones who have passed beyond.

She can work directly on and around your energy field to release blocks through clearing your chakras. This presses your restart button so you have greater freedom in living the life you love.

Marcia can help you solve the mystery of your own life~past, present or future; love, career or spirituality.

Marcia began her psychic studies in 1982 along with hands on healing and chakra balancing. She is a somatic emotional release therapist, Certified Health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, cranial sacral and sound healing practitioner utilizing tuning forks and chi gong sound healing. A love of detective work, a propensity to solve mysteries and puzzles combined with her innate healing abilities and extensive studies gives Marcia a unique approach that can address any concern on the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic dimensions.