How to become a Reader at East West

You’ve come to the right spot. Here is everything you’ll need to know to apply to be a regular reader at East West.

Before applying:

  • Carefully review the Reader Agreement. This gives you a sense of the commitment you are making: to be present during your posted hours, to work together with us to help build your clientele, and to provide a high level of customer service to your clients. Even though you are an independent reader, customers perceive you as part of our store. So readers with appreciative clients are important to us.

  • Take a look at our wonderful team of Readers and Healers. See if you offer something a little different, or tell us more about your area of specialty.

  • If we are interested in your application, we’ll contact you and arrange to meet. New readers provide a reading or two as part of the interview process.

  • We welcome intuitive’s of all kinds, Mediums, Tarot, Oracle, Channels, Astrologers, Clair-everything, Remote Viewers, and more.

  • At this time, we are at capacity with Reiki offerings.


Once you’ve read the Reader Agreement, and feel comfortable with this level of commitment, please complete this online application:

Our event team reviews all applications carefully. If you don’t hear, we still love and appreciate your work; it’s only that this application wasn’t a good fit for us.

Chrystal Aulson
East West Events Manager