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Vaastu Wisdom: Cooperate with the Energy of the Cosmos to Improve Your Health, Success, Inner Peace and Happiness

  • East West Bookshop 324 Castro Street Mountain View, CA, 94041 United States (map)
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$35 thru Aug 31/ $45 day of

The Indian art of Vaastu Shastra, the Chinese Feng Shui and European Freemasonry are replete with evidence of knowledge and mastery of cosmic and subtle energies, and describe with precision how to build a healthy home. But they don’t say why...or how. Our research attempts to uncover that wisdom and to share it. Welcome to the adventure! 

Our ancestors created forms that were in harmony with the laws of the greater creation that surrounds us, forms that live no longer in time but have outgrown time and now live in eternity. While much of this wisdom was hidden or lost during times of political oppression and a decline in human consciousness, modern technology has allowed us to discover again what was once widespread scientific knowledge, and to begin to use that knowledge to bring harmony, health and happiness back into our consciousness and into our living. 

In this workshop we will dive deeper into the science and understanding of subtle and cosmic energies, participate in demonstrations of the Lecher Antenna, and awaken our mind and heart to an expanded view of  how to live in harmony with ourselves and the Universe. 

Dr. Prabhat Poddar has been a Vaastu Architect for the past 40 years, in addition to a geobiologist, and Vaastu researcher and consultant. He deeply understands this ancient wisdom and its significance for improving every aspect of our modern day lives. Learn more