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Vaastu Shastra: How Healthy are Our Homes? How Ancient Wisdom Can Help

  • East West Bookshop 324 Castro Street Mountain View, CA, 94041 United States (map)
Dr. Poddar full photo.jpg

Have you ever had a distinct reaction to a space that you live in, work in, or simply walk into? Why do some spaces make us feel light and relaxed, while others make us want to run out the door as quickly as possible? 

Through scientific understanding and energetic attunement our ancestors knew that architecture was not only a creation of form to define space, but was inherently a sacred form, a three dimensional mandala. 

In his first visit to East West Bookshop, Dr. Prabhat Poddar will share insights from his 40-year career as a Vaastu Architect, Town Planner, Geobiologist, and Vaastu researcher and consultant, and will help us understand this ancient wisdom and its significance for improving every aspect of our modern day lives. Learn how our homes and buildings can support or detract from a lasting experience of inner peace, happiness, good health, enhanced creativity, material success, harmonious relationships and divine connection, and what steps we can take to create the environment we desire.