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Vastu and Vibrational Meditation

  • East West Bookshop 324 Castro Street Mountain View, CA, 94041 United States (map)

Vastu is the ancestor of feng-shui and has a wide effect on human health and progress. It is a supportive science of ayurveda, yoga and complementary healing. ‘Vibrational Meditation’ primarily establishes equilibrium among various energy currents and tries to benefit from them. The vibration we create during the course of this meditation helps ensure proper cleansing of the body and strengthens the ‘aura’ initiation of Kundalini awakening. As a result, the ill-effects arising out of vastu defects are reduced to a minimum. Swami Manjulanand (Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi) is a spiritual guru and a renowned vastu expert and and has a gift for being able to communicate with invisible, subtle energies. Swamiji is propounder of Vibrational Meditation and initiator of Kundalini awakening. His blessings reduce pain and suffering of people, ultimately leading them to the path of salvation. Learn more.