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Ancient Wisdom to Stop the Worrying, Hurrying, and Overeating of Modern Life

  • East West Bookshop 324 Castro Street Mountain View, CA, 94041 United States (map)

Learn about the three internal problems that cause most of our health issues: liver qi stagnation, heart heat, and spleen damp. Time-tested and user-friendly, Chinese medicine connects everything and explains everything. Learn practical strategies for substituting new healthy habits for unhealthy ones, like worrying, hurrying, and overeating. Discover why you carry excess body fat, and what can be done about it without resorting to diets, calorie-burning exercise, or weight-loss supplements. Let Dr. Doug Kihn and Chinese medicine start you on the road to being leaner, cleaner, stronger, and calmer. Kihn is a 35-year practitioner and author of The Workbook of Chinese Herbs.

E Douglas Kihn, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, is also the author of BodyTrust and Avoiding Death Indefinitely, and is the producer of two YouTube shows: BodyTrust Mornings and BodyTrust Weekly. Learn more.