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How & Why Writing Heals Us

  • East West Bookshop 324 Castro Street Mountain View, CA, 94041 United States (map)

Author and intuitive Sue Frederick talks about the healing power of writing for sharing our deepest griefs, buried pains, and unspoken dreams. There’s a process of surrender that happens when we dig into the raw truth of our stories, and fearlessly share these exquisite moments with each other. This naked vulnerability helps lift our darkest moments into the light of wisdom and shared truth. Sue is a lifelong intuitive healer and coach, and author of many books, including Water Oak: The Happiness of Longing.


More: A professional writer for 30 years, Sue is author of 8 books including The Happiness of Longing, Your Divine Lens, Bridges to Heaven, & I See Your Dream Job. As an intuitive coach, she’s taught hundreds of workshops for grieving people, for people seeking meaningful careers, and for those who seek a new story. In her workshops, she’s witnessed the profound healing of writing a new story; of connecting to something beyond the ego mind; of slipping into your higher self for guidance and inspiration. She brings all of her healing tools to this work to shift students from drudgery mind into poet’s mind and help them write their raw jagged stories in new enlightening ways.