Tammy Langowski



$40/15min • $70/30min • $140/60min

Intuitive Clairaudient and Clairvoyant

Tammy takes a look at your energy using clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities. With your questions, she works with her guides to help counsel areas of concerns as in decision making, relationships and spiritual development. Tammy incorporates visualization and past life information as needed in a session. With over 30 years of experience in giving intuitive readings, Tammy has a down-to-earth style and a sincere desire to be a channel of support and inspiration.

Personal testimonials and stories below



“Tammy has been a Godsend in my life. She is the real deal. She is truly a gifted psychic. She is very clear, truthful, direct, and non-judgmental. She is also a very kind and warm human being. I feel very fortunate and grateful that I found her.”
—Anita R., Los Altos

“I first sought advice from Tammy and her guides in 1996. Since that time I have continued to seek their wisdom at least once a year. Tammy’s voice is a beacon of hope on rocky shores. Not only have her guides shaped my life for the better, but they help me continue to make better choices, have faith in myself and become a more enlightened human.”
—Nancy Carlsen, Verona, NJ

“Your readings have helped me immensely, and I am so appreciative! In the past I’ve gotten so caught up in other people’s energy and stress, and thanks to you that has subsided.”
—Carli, Santa Cruz

“I practice the recommendations that she provided on a regular basis. These practices have proven to be very beneficial to my life.”
—Carrie, Oakland

“Tammy provides a safe place for her clients to ask questions and receive guidance, and inspires trust. She is empathetic and helps a person to feel heard. Her ability to tune into and connect with important people in the client’s life, and the information this provides, is invaluable.”
—Stephanie, San Francisco

“Tammy is easy to talk to. She comes across as someone who naturally made it her life mission to provide the most help she could in those few minutes with her. She really listened to me, she gave me hit after hit after hit of what I needed to hear, and she provided lots of tools, options and guidance to help me with my next steps. I feel like I finally have direction! Four days later, it feels like I received a key to open the door right back to my own knowing and guidance system as new ideas are popping into my head.”
—Mari, San Jose

“When I was going through one of the most difficult situations in my life, Tammy was able to help me become clear on what path I needed to take. While what she had to tell me was very difficult to hear, she did it with caring and kindness. I have sought out the counsel of friends, therapists and other guides. But the reading from Tammy was the event that actually helped me begin pulling myself from a very negative space, and helped me to begin the healing process that continues today.”
—Greg Sherrell, Morning Show personality

“That was a very interesting and powerful reading! There is a lot to digest/incorporate, but it’s all good. I came away with a lot of notes but I noticed a difference when compared with the times I’ve gone to others in the past: most of this was quite specific and contained a lot of action items for me to do.”
—K. May, Palo Alto

“Thank you for helping me get rid of the entity in my apartment, I am getting plenty of sleep & rest after our session last week.”

“I have been seeking input from Tammy and her guides since 1993. The guidance and feedback I have sought has helped me through big shifts and bumps in the road of life. The input is always constructive and helps me to meet the puzzles, challenges, and gifts with grace and an indescribable peace. With Tammy’s help, the painful experiences hurt less, the complicated relationships made more sense, and the loss of loved ones felt more bearable. I am so grateful to have had this comfort through the challenges and gifts life has brought me.”
—P.S., Scotts Valley

“I have been seeing Tammy for over 7 years now. Her guidance and insight have influenced me in making very important decisions in areas of finance, relationships, health and career. The information I receive has played a significant role in my personal, spiritual development and understanding how life, death, and the hereafter work. I recommend her to anyone—hands down! Accurate, compassionate and someone I consider dear in my life!”
—Yvonne D. Nielsen, Mountain View

“I was particularly impressed with your deep beliefs, your sensitivity, respect for my beliefs, and your compassion.”
—Debby Kredich MD, Pediatrician

“I have been getting readings from Tammy for a few years now. After each reading I’m energized, renewed, and empowered. I come away with hope for the future. I’m given tools and suggestions on how I can be a better person and I’m given guidance on how to work towards getting the experiences in life that I really want. I trust Tammy with all my heart and soul, and am grateful she is in my life.”

“I’ve had several sessions with Tammy during critical crossroads in my life. I always leave with greater clarity and confidence in my choices and next steps. Tammy brings her positive, uplifting energy and wonderful insights to each session. Her warm and caring approach provides me the trust to go deeper with my questions and to stand more confident in who I am. Tammy, thank you for your kind-heartedness, and for sharing your gift of insight with gentleness and compassion.”
—Reyna, Guam & Los Altos

“I was amazed at how easily and accurately she could read my energy over the phone. Tammy was able to pinpoint areas I needed to work on. As an example, she told me my energy was floating way above my head. She asked if I was grounding myself. I wasn’t. She gave me simple techniques for grounding myself and suggestions for working more closely with my guides. I’m happy to say that not long after following her advice, my mediumship started taking off. Tammy is generous, encouraging, and an inspiration. She most definitely helped me on my spiritual path.”
—Sharon Carmack, Evidential Medium and Reiki Master

“Tammy is wonderful and true. Tammy answered a lot of questions with our loved ones that have passed. She also gave our new business location a clearing. We recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and wellness in their life. We love her. Her work brings peace and happiness to us.”
—Ana & Janet, Morgan Hill

More about Tammy’s work

Does Tammy know everything all the time?

No, and Tammy is quite glad about that! While she does check in with her guides frequently, they are not constantly chirping in her ear. She generally needs to “tune in” to receive information. She is often saying to those who know what she does...not to worry, that she doesn’t know everything about them (nor does she really want to! :). There is a certain etiquette Tammy’s guides uphold to, not interfering with conversations unless invited in. There have been occasions when they’ve popped in to say something, if they felt it was necessary to help or prepare her in some way.

What can I expect in a reading and how do I prepare for one?

Coming with questions works best for both Tammy’s guides and herself. The more direct your question, the better and being open to having a reading is appreciated. The more open you are to being read, the easier it is for her to see your pictures. When you come to see Tammy for a private reading, she will start out by taking a minute or two to tune into your energy and to make sure you are both grounded. She will then look at your energy to see what pictures are given to her. Tammy’s guides will then channel information which she will be repeating back to you. From there she will welcome and explore your questions. Occasionally her eyes will be closed enabling her to hear her guides a bit better. If that’s the case, you can always interrupt Tammy for any questions you might have during the reading. Phone readings are handled the same way.

Tammy does not make predictions, but she is happy to take a look at, and reflect back to you, what you might currently be creating around a certain situation. It is important then to know that any information given is based on what could likely happen by the energy you’re showing her at the time of the reading. So...if you like what you hear, Tammy suggests putting more visualization and energy towards it! If it’s not quite to your liking, then she suggests you work on releasing/shifting the energy in a way that works best for you.

Responses to questions regarding other people will be based on what that person is willing to show Tammy on an energy level. Time is irrelevant on the other side and any information given to you regarding time must be taken lightly. While Tammy and guides sometimes get certain time-frames, more often than not, it is not given to her. Her guides know all too well that we have the ability to change our own energy at any given moment. 

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that information Tammy may provide to you through any and all of her services including readings, house or office blessings, ghost/spirit communication, energy work/healings, hypnosis and past life regression, are not substitutes for any professional psychological, medical, business, legal or financial care that you may need. You are completely responsible for your own choices, decisions, actions, and outcomes for your life now and in the future. Tammy cannot make a claim to be 100% accurate as this is unobtainable with the services she provides. For legal reasons only, Tammy must also state that due to varying opinions regarding psychics/intuitives and hypnotists, that this is for entertainment purposes only. 

Tammy’s hope is to bring you closer to yourself, to help you on your own spiritual path and to bring some conscious awareness of the power you already possess and its possibilities. She hopes to shed light from a different perspective so that you may be more informed to make your own brilliant decisions! 

Who are Tammy’s guides?

Tammy’s guides are beings from the light who come to rest with her while she’s on her earthly path. They may help guide her to situations of where she may be of assistance to others. They are light workers and have a wonderful healing energy. They are her friends, trusted companions and look out for her in any way they can. Tammy’s guides love to be of service to those who come to her for readings. Her guides and your guides work together collectively during a reading to provide as much information as they can to help you grow spiritually in this lifetime. 

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