April Jewel


Psychic & Intuitive Tarot Reader 

Wednesdays, 12-6pm
and and 3rd Sundays, 12-6pm
$40/15min • $65/30min
$95/45min • $150/60min

April's readings go right to the heart of what's most important to your life, often answering all your questions before you ask them.

April, a popular and trusted intuitive, read at Gateway's Books and Gifts 6 years, and was their top reader. Now at East West, April brings her talents and skills as a natural-born psychic, healer, teacher and professional consultant since 2002.

April works with Angels and The Divine Lineage, an ancient knowledge and healing tradition of India that includes many are the world's most accomplished Ascended Masters. As a psychic and intuitive tarot reader, April provides expert guidance to both individuals and businesses, addressing all aspects of life.