Marcia Hughes


Spiritual Intuitive Counselor And Healer

Tuesdays, 11:30am-9:30pm
and 2nd Saturdays
$40/15min • $70/30min
$100/45 min • $130/60min
credit cards accepted

An intuitive guide and professional healer for 40 years, Marcia is adept at bringing transformation and positive growth in the face of challenges. She has 30 years of meditation practice and training in death and dying in the Buddhist tradition. A certified sound healer, Marcia can balance your energy field and chakras allowing new ways of being to emerge. A certified nutritional consultant, she can guide you to greater health. Her unique talent is to utilize all modalities to balance body mind and spirit for greater health, well being and happiness. She helps solve life’s mysteries, to unlock your happiness and highest potential. Learn more