Rachel Cooley


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$44/15min • $80/30min • $150/60min

Angel Card Reader And Healer

Rachel has been bringing messages and healing with the angels to her clients since 1999. She uses angel cards, angelic guidance, prayer, and guided meditations to bring you healing, peace of mind, and reassurance from your angels and the archangels. Sessions with Rachel will release you from any fears, worries or concerns that are on your mind so that you can relax, restore and revitalize with your angels' unconditional love, protection and support. Rachel is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Certified Angel Card Reader™. 

Personal testimonials and stories below



“Rachel is an amazing intuitive who works closely with the angels, archangels and ascended masters to guide and help you in your daily life. I highly recommend her.”
—Eve Evangelista

“Thank you for the perfection of your reading today. You said exactly what I needed to hear.”
—Dr. Debbie Novick, Doctor of Chiropractic

“Rachel is a true healer. Very sweet and heart-centered. She helped clear some energetic daggers a few weeks ago, and I have to say, I felt unstoppable. Clearing is something we must always do, because we are spiritual beings living a human experience.”
—Tomasa Macapinlac

“Rachel is an angel herself. She is so sweet and truly comes from a place of service. She has a deep knowledge of the angels (I had tons of questions which she was able to answer). Her work is gently powerful and opening. She was able to identify my personal angels, whom I can still feel. She called the archangels for a deeper clearing of past patterns and thoughts that were no longer serving me. After our session, I felt the deep shift—much lighter and freer—and I still feel that way, months later. Her work provides lasting results. Rachel’s ability to work with angels was more powerful and useful than I had expected. In the chaos of everyday life, Rachel offered me a new path to serenity.”
—Nicole Justine Cavanaugh, Black Sheep Coaching

“Rachel is an invaluable resource, and I highly recommend her. Once I lost something important. She told me what to do, and within 5 minutes, I found it again. Seriously awesome! You want to have Rachel on your team. She is the best. I totally trust her, and her guidance is always spot on.”
—Adryenn Ashley, TV/Film Producer, Wow Is Me

“Rachel is an amazing light and can pray with you, calling in your angels in both good times and bad, for celebration or for insight.”
—Dr. Jasmine Therese Esguerra, Pure Wellness International

“Rachel is a wonderful person and healing practitioner. She has a huge heart, and takes her time to really listen to the needs of the person sitting before her, whether they be colleague or client. I was so amazed at her ability to follow her intuition and call in all the the angels that were needed to support me. When I came out of the healing session, I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated.
—Shirani Pathak, Relationship Center of Silicon Valley

“Rachel has a direct connection to the Divine. There’s nothing like being healed by Archangels. She has helped me in times of crisis, confusion, and sadness. After receiving a healing with her, I feel at peace, grounded, and have renewed hope and faith again that everything is good in my world. I trust that I am safe and protected by the Archangels.”
—Joni Loftin, Life Coach

“After a healing from Rachel earlier today. I am noticeably lighter, and more able to be present with the moment and the Divine.”
—Maurine Shannon Xavier

“I am always so struck by your generosity, and the purity of the messages that come through you. I just want to share my thanks and deep appreciation for all that you share. I am very sensitive to these types of positive energies, and I find that with your guidance, I can be even more highly attuned to them.”
—Noga Vilozny

“When I have an Angel Reading session with Rachel, I literally sense the presence of hundreds of angels who are there with her. A powerful message always comes through for me that is so right on. I feel the most important next steps for me are highlighted and it all becomes crystal clear. Afterwards, I feel blessed and comforted and cheered on by the Divine. I feel at peace. You are truly an instrument of the Divine.”
—Gabie Reiter

Rachel shares

Over the past 20 years, I have supported my clients to tap into the powerful love and guidance of the angelic realms.

I support women and healers who struggle with overwhelm, or fear and worries. I help you find clarity, guidance, confidence, and peace of mind.

My life has literally been saved by angels. I was in a near-tragic car accident in 1998 as my car started to slide off the road. As my car was sliding, I felt a peaceful calm energy come over my body. And, I heard a female voice guide me to safety.

I believe that voice was guidance from an angel, and saved my life. Ever since then, they have assisted and supported me in so many ways in my own life. As a result, I am here today to share the beautiful blessings of the angels with you.

As a woman and a healer, I know it can be challenging to balance life at home and at work.  I am here to support you, so that you also can experience as much ease, calm and clarity in your life as I have received.

Angel Blessings,

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