Lucia Light

Frequencies of flickering light can guide users into a deep state of meditation within minutes

Frequencies of flickering light can guide users into a deep state of meditation within minutes


Lucia N°03 Light works with varying frequencies of flickering light, coupled with a full spectrum glow, to transport users into an immersive landscape of color and geometric imagery. Light gently flickers on closed eyelids, guiding users into a deeply relaxing space.

We all come with our own life experiences and current states of mind. The Lucia Light creates a safe place to get to know yourself again, free from judgement or expectation. Each light session has the potential to increase mental flexibility and adaptability. This can help you navigate life experiences with a more relaxed and joyful approach.

Sessions will be guided by Zachary Noel or Angela Borge.

Zachary Noel

Zachary Noel

3rd Saturdays, 12-9pm
$70/30min • $140/60min • $200/90min

Angela Borge

Angela Borge


More about the Lucia N°03 Quantum Light Experience

This flickering light gently entrains the brain into a deeply meditative state, while encouraging harmonic brainwave patterns. When these deep trance states are accessed, the light traveler regains inner peace and a more expansive perspective. From this newfound perspective, the light traveler can re-evaluate current life situations and inner dynamics. In this space of clarity, reprogramming both the sub-conscious awareness is possible. You can do so with increased ease, making for a profound and even life-altering experience.


As the light waves enter the eye’s retina, they spread throughout the system, illuminating the entire living matrix of the body. This photic stimulation inspires communication between the cells, and a chain reaction of information exchange lights up the entire network. This activation of the system allows for the clearing of stagnant energy buildup (including repressed emotion, feelings of depression or anxiety, and trauma).

Reported benefits include:

• Clarity

• Feelings of bliss

• Deep relaxation

• Release of limiting thought forms

• Inspiration

• Mental dexterity

• Increased creativity

• Expanded awareness

• Release from stress

• Feeling present

• Inner peace

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