Liza Miron


2nd Thursdays

$175/80 min

Family Constellations, Healing, & Coaching

Do you feel stuck? Are you struggling with health, love, success, or abundance in your life? In this Family Constellation private session, Liza Miron will help you discover your loyalties. To whom are you are loyal in your Family System? You are carrying the same challenges, problems, or traumas as this person—unconsciously and out of love. Once you are aware, you can start the healing process by honoring and respecting the past with love and acceptance, and begin having the life you’ve always wanted.

Se habla español. Sessions can also be provided in Spanish. More information is provided, below the testimonials.


“Family Constellations has been a great help for my family and friends. It has helps us solve specific health issues: emotional and physical. Discover the reasons why you haven’t been successful, happy, or prosperous. I have done family constellations with different people, and so far Liza has been the best. I highly recommend her.”
—Beatriz B.

“Liza’s work is powerful, unique, and transformational. She helped me to clear some ancestral patterns that I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to clear in this lifetime without her. I heartily give her my highest recommendation.”
—David K.

“This is such a powerful way to heal and reconnect with ourselves and all our relations. You’ve helped me understand how my subconscious entanglements affect my life today. I can make the necessary changes by accepting and forgiving myself and others. A life of true peace and love is possible.”
—Nilda G.

“Liza is a warm and kind person, but don’t be fooled. She is also an incredible and powerful healer. She has the ability to go to some deep places and hold the space. I highly recommend her.”
—Rani P

“I absolutely love Liza’s work in family constellations. She facilitated a treatment for my son who had so much anxiety, he wasn’t able to function at school, or show up. It was soon apparent that my son (who was not present for the treatment) had a deeply hidden sadness about my father’s passing, at the subconscious level. Little signs were there, but because of my own grief, I couldn’t see them. Within six weeks, many situations opened up, and my son experienced a permanent shift. He is now functional at school with great grades and many friends. I am extremely excited about this work, and I’m looking forward to making more permanent shifts for our ancestral line in the coming year. Thank you!”
—Penny S.

“This is life changing! I seriously don’t know how it works, but through the sessions I have had with Liza, my life has done a 360! Liza is an amazing facilitator, and she is so kind and sensitive with your personal issues. I totally trust her and her expertise. If you have any issues that have you have not been able to heal or release through therapy, or other types of modalities, Family Constellations is truly the key to healing and unveiling the things that have kept you blocked, stuck, sick or filled with disease. Let Liza help clear everything that is keeping you bound, so that you can live a life full of joy and freedom.”

“When I went to my first constellation workshop, it swept me off my feet. This experience was so profound, that it completely changed my perception of life. I recommend Liza’s facilitation work. I’ve been to several constellation sessions with her, and each time they gave me powerful, life-changing insights, and a wonderful opportunity to meet deeply rooted emotions. Living through these emotions was very freeing, and gave me a huge relief. Liza’s facilitation is very gentle and caring. She explains everything in detail and to the point. Family Constellations are a profound support in tracing the “unwanted“ patterns in one’s life, they may give answers to the reasons for feeling trapped, stuck, in physical pain, unable to act or see something or somebody in one’s life.”
—Izabela J.

“Liza is charming, sweet and very patient. She is an expert on the subject of family constellations. I’ve been with her for 3 sessions. Every session made me evolve and heal some problems I had in my life, I learned to accept and know myself better.
—Viviana M.

“I’ve experienced two or three family constellations. It’s astonishing every time and nothing that I expected! I attended a weekend workshop after having my mind blown by witnessing my first constellation, which was one of the most poignant things I think I’ve ever experienced. The principles are ones that are quite intuitive, and among some of the most vital things to know to heal on every level. I can’t keep quiet about how powerful this work can be and people are listening with great eagerness as it’s essential for healing for many of us.”
—Valerie B.

“I highly recommend Liza’s work. She is a kind, caring and highly skilled facilitator and coach. She is an accomplished and passionate teacher and with extensive knowledge and experience in family constellations work. Her work is mind and heart opening.”
—Mary W.

“Liza creates a warm and nurturing space for healing. My first session with her was very, very powerful. I received realizations that finally explained what I could never understand. I felt like a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. I can be ME now, and experience life at my full potential. I can’t wait to my next session. Thank you so much Liza for showing up when I needed you, and bringing so much freedom in my life!“
—Loana G.

“Liza was able to discover things about my family that no one could have known. She found a strong connection that I had with an uncle who passed away whom I’d never met. The connection had been made through my Mother. I felt like a new person when we were done—like a heavy weight was lifted from me.
—Larry C.

Introduction to Family Constellations (English)

Introduction Constelaciones Familiares

What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a therapeutic method that brings out hidden dynamics in a family or group so that they can be healed. These hidden dynamics are often following patterns of our ancestors, unconsciously. Once the root causes of present-day difficulties are brought out in the open, they can be put back in order.

This method can help people unblock unseen reasons that have been keeping them from finding a partner, starting a family, getting or keeping a good job, illness, addictions and more. It can also help break personal or family patterns have restricted people from having the kind of life they want.

Family Constellations can also be used to help people make a difficult decision or understand a situation. In these cases they are often called Systemic Constellations.

The Family Constellations method was created by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist and former priest, in the mid 1990’s while working as a family therapist.

When should I do a Family Constellation?

  • When there is a situation in your life that you haven’t been able to heal or change.

  • To solve issues in your professional life, or to have success, money, or abundance.

  • For physical and mental health; to help heal physical and mental illnesses.

  • To find love or improve your relationships.

  • When you want to make an important decision.

  • If you want to have a clearer view of a situation.

  • When you have identified a pattern in yourself or your family that prevents you from having the life you want.

How many Constellations will I need?

Most people need only one Constellation to heal a specific issue.

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