Kathleen Zemansky


1st Saturdays

$80/30 min • $150/60 min
$225/90 min

Business Astrology, Feng Shui & TimeBlazr®

Do you doubt your business or career direction? Are your efforts resulting in enough money? Chinese Astrology is a sophisticated form of personal and career mapping that helps you make use of your detailed birth map, and save endless time in directions that may not be right for you.

Work more consciously with your strengths. Kathleen is a business feng shui master, astrologer, and timing expert who’s dedicated to helping people optimize success in business, and in life. Her astrology software and timing technology, The TimeBlazr®, helps clients increase efficiency, productivity, and accountability.



“Kathleen’s reading totally nailed me! It validated the experience I’ve had for years in my career, as well as my current business, which was such a relief. It clarified how I can channel my energy most effectively to build my business in a way that works for me. I was also thrilled to know the right workspace for me, so I’m more motivated and productive day-to-day. Thank you for the clarity, Kathleen! I’m excited about what will unfold.”
—Elena DuCharme, Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Sebastopol

“I hired Kathleen when I signed on as lead interior designer at a San Francisco architectural firm. We knew we needed help setting up our office for success. In our business, clients are very aware of the look and feel of the space we work in, and of course the space we create for them. Kathleen is an expert at what she does. She took the time to understand us, and didn’t come in with a blanket solution, but rather worked with us in a personalized way. The result was a much-improved office space where we felt strong collaboration with team members, and the clients felt supported and more open to our design suggestions. Later, when I started my own practice, I hired Kathleen to set up my workspace to attract more business, and that’s exactly what happened. She is one of my trusted advisors and I consider her an essential part of my team.”
—Jennifer Gustafson, Interior Design, San Francisco

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