Julie Hawkins


3rd, 4th, & 5th Sundays

$70/15 min • $125/30min • $195/60min

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The Biz Psychic, Akashic Reader, Psychic Medium

Julie was born psychic, but dismissed her untrained gifts early for a ‘normal’ life in the corporate world. A casualty of the dot-com bust in 2001, Julie trained in life coaching, NLP and other behavior change methods and reignited her spiritual desire, all of which lead her full circle back to her psychic gifts. Julie now provides guidance to business professionals through Akashic readings and trains others to access the Akashic records. She is author of How to Say “No” Without Guilt: 6 Doable Steps to Confidently Set and Communicate Boundaries and holds workshops on women’s empowerment through effective boundary setting.



“You experienced a tremendous whirlpool of heavy energy and emotional tumult that I could not explain at the time of my reading. You shared that I was going to hit some very challenging times, and to wait until after March to schedule any work trainings. Well, dear Julie, my father became very ill in February, and then again in mid March. He was hospitalized, had surgery, then a nightmare at the hospital. He was finally released two days before his death on Easter, which was March 31. It was certainly one of the most trying experiences of my life. You glimpsed the tornado that was heading my way. Boy, am I glad I listened to you, and did not schedule all the trainings I had originally lined up.”
—Melanie M., Nashville, Tennessee

“Your reading was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was very specific to my journey and was filled with accurate and authentic information that allowed for a course correction I’d not considered before. This is truly a must-do if you have a big life question!”
—Rev. Rebecca T, San Jose, CA

“I was going through transitions in my 25-year corporate career, and needed some clarity. Julie’s reading confirmed a new direction I should be heading. She is very clear in the way she speaks. She also provides tangible and actionable items for me to work on to pursue my new career. I am regaining hope and motivation to move forward. She is truly professional, knowledgeable, and practical. I find her advice invaluable.”
—Dinah P.

“The message I was given was perfect for me to hear at this time. At one point, a comment I was given was so purely me, no one else would have received it, I’m sure. It was funny, and I knew I was truly getting a message from some helpful beings who loved me.”
—Janet P., Phoenix, AZ

More about Julie

Psychic from a young age and ill-equipped to work with her gifts, Hawkins entered the corporate world. After two decades in the professions of banking and law, respectively, she moved to Silicon Valley to work in high-tech. As a casualty of the “dot-com bust,” in 2001 Hawkins turned her attention to the emerging field known as life coaching.

Fascinated by human behavior and what makes people tick, Hawkins felt right at home in her new profession. Over the next few years, Hawkins took thousands of hours of training in the field of human potential and behavior change to become a certified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. At the same time, she began a spiritual journey that lead her to the ancient system of Hawaiian Huna. Her journey eventually lead her back to her roots to work with her psychic abilities via the Akashic Records, a place she would come to realize later she had always accessed. Seeking out advanced training in this field, Hawkins became a Certified Advanced Akashic Records teacher.

As The Biz Psychic, Hawkins draws upon her psychic, business and coaching skills to help savvy business women by providing clarity, guidance, and wisdom through Akashic Record readings. She is also a psychic medium and brings connection and closure through spirit to those who need it.

After the unexpected death of her life and business partner, Hawkins struggled. “Life is a teaching experience, says Hawkins, and I learned that I needed much stronger yet loving boundary skills if I was going to survive and thrive.” Hawkins spent the next several years developing her boundary skills system; she teaches this also, in addition to her spiritual trainings.

Hawkins is a co-author of Tapping into God: Experiencing the Spiritual Spectrum and author of How to Say “No” Without Guilt: 6 Doable Steps to Confidently Set and Communicate Boundaries.