Joan Rose Staffen


Wednesdays, 2-7pm
& 3rd Saturdays, 12-5pm

$40/15min • $70/30min
$100/45 min • $130/60min

Psychic Healing And Pendulum Divining

Receiving guidance from the archangels and angels, Joan Rose uses pendulum divining and revelation to give soul readings, past and present life clearings, and psychic healings. She is a psychic reader and healer with twenty years of experience, and author of The Book of Pendulum Healing. Joan Rose offers messages of love, hope, and insight from the celestial realm, and clears and heals past and present life issues. She helps clients make better choices and realign with their higher purpose. She can assist with relationships, past and present life issues, and prosperity, career and business issues. After your session, you will feel lighter, energized, and excited about your life.

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“Joan is a powerful psychic and healer. I am blessed to have met her at this auspicious time on this wonderful planet Mother Earth. Thank you, Joan, for such a deep, permanent healing.”
—Ellarae Markhart, Reconnective Healing Practitioner

“Since your reading, I have approached my business frustrations with new insight and have been able to make some significant changes in my business and attitude. When I come to a decision-making crossroad, I continually refer back to our hour together for clarity.”
—Sandy Mason, Broker Associate

“Joan’s readings are wonderfully helpful. She has helped me to confirm changes I need to make, and affirm the good choices I have made. Joan puts me in touch with past lives, helps me to loosen creative blocks, and lifts my spirits. Her company is that of a warm and generous friend. She creates a safe and loving place for her clients.”
—Barbara, business owner and artist

“How wonderful for me to have found Joan. She is insightful, kind, positive, lighthearted, funny, and wise. I came to Joan to gain clarity, to quiet nervous energy, for insight to my present and future life. She is marvelous and I have achieved this and more. I often feel I am secretly seeing the worlds of those around me, but more importantly I am gaining a fuller understanding of how all the moving pieces in my life come together and how to maximize my life adventure in a positive and more joyful way. I am grateful for the wisdom and insights Joan’s psychic gifts have given me. She is positive, and pure of heart and soul, and her gifts are powerful and freeing to me.”
—Rebecca, high tech sales consultant

“Joan Rose is a passionate, warm, and sometimes funny teacher. She has helped me develop great, new artist habits including journaling, visiting art galleries, and valuing my own artistic self. I met and made new friends in the Artist Way class. We shared some of our deepest feelings in a supportive and encouraging environment. I would highly recommend Joan Rose’s classes.”
—Fran White, Nutritionist and Seeker

“As an active spiritual seeker, I am grateful for Joan’s gifts and insights.I have received a psychic healing and most recently was a part of her ‘Sacred Meetings with the Angels’ class. Each time that I have met with Joan, I have left with a greater connection to spirit and the angels. I have taken with me more of the truth of why I am here and the gifts that I am to share. Thank you, Joan for saying ‘yes’ to your calling. Your grace and generosity are true gifts to this world.”
—Emily Nahnsen, Reiki Healer

“Joan Staffen is a gifted healer and teacher. One of the things that is so great about her new book is that her voice really comes through. She has a gentle but knowing way of communicating information that is so helpful in so many ways. Even if you don’t want to learn to use a pendulum, there is so much other great information in this book that it is worth reading.”
—Magdalena Montagne

More about Joan Rose

Joan Rose is a psychic healer offering messages of love and hope from the celestial realm. She helps clients clear and heal past and present life issues, make better choices, and realign with their higher purpose. You can work with Rose on:

  • Relationships

  • Past Life

  • Prosperity

  • Home

  • Career

  • Business

  • Deceased Loved Ones

  • Life and Spiritual Issues

Joan Rose uses the following techniques depending on the client’s needs: grounding and clearing (spiritual cleansing), dowsing with a pendulum, psychic healing, and revelation; tarot and archangels cards; intention setting and prayer. Healings are directed by the angels of light and love, the archangels, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. Joan Rose is also available for in person home and business clearings, couples and family work. Learn more on her website