How to Present a Program at East West

We offer over 300 events a year that uplift, inspire, and educate the spiritual and metaphysical community of the San Francisco Bay Area. Noted authors, spiritual teachers, musicians, and healers are warmly invited to become presenters. A few things to know before applying:

  • Explore our event calendar to see the types of events we host

  • Programs are scheduled 4 months in advance or more

  • Attendance at your event can be anywhere from 1 to 80 people. Presenters are expected to present regardless of registrations, as we often get many last-minute drop-ins. This is important, so cancellations are only accepted for true emergencies. There is a $150 cancellation fee per event.

  • Successful events are a partnership; you can help make you event a success by promoting to your lists and through social media.


Readers & Healers

Apply here to become a regular reader. This is our current calendar of readers. New readers provide readings to staff as part of the interview process.


Our event team will review all applications. If your proposal is a good fit and works with our schedule, we’ll reach out to you.


Chrystal Aulson
East West Events Manager

Alex Chance
Events Administrator