Ginny Brown


Thursdays, 12-7pm
3rd Saturdays
4th & 5th Sundays

$70/30 min • $140/60 min • $210/90min

Clairvoyant Readings, Spiritual Guidance

Ginny will help you access a deep level of information and insight by speaking directly with your spirit. Journey through the layers of your life: its belief systems, blocks, patterns, choices, past lives, and karma. With objectivity and compassion, Ginny shares areas that need healing and offers practices and tools to support you. Choose your path with clarity and presence, and make more mindful choices in all areas of life. Ginny is an initiate of sacred spiritual orders, a student of mysticism, and deeply devoted to this path as her life’s work.


Energy is the driving force of life. It exists in all things.

A psychic energy reading allows us to access a deep level of information and insight by speaking directly to your spirit.

Gaining an understanding of the original source of our belief systems, blocks, patterns, karma, and choices offers us the opportunity to work with this energy, instead of getting worked by it.

The areas that can be explored in this work are infinite, because every ounce of our life is rich with information.

The readings reveal the inner working of those areas and through healing we create space between you and them so you may choose to engage differently.

How we work together

After we wake up, we begin to question, what comes next.

Energy readings provide profound insight into your patterns. However, integrating what you know is not always easy.

It can be very helpful to have more support as you embark on your transformational journey.

With objectivity and compassion, I will help you see your role in your creation.

Together we will outline the areas that need healing and define the best practices and tools to support you.

This work offers you the freedom to choose your path with clarity and presence. Giving you the ability to make more mindful choices. Allowing for you to live authentically with a greater sense of your own creation.

This work is about shifting your consciousness and developing a new way of thinking and interacting in the world.

Through my personal ongoing journey, I have found that the more ways I find to express and heal, the better.

This leads to a unique experience for my clients—from journeying, meditation, art, physical exercises, free writing, acting, visualization, and more.

We will find a way to break through.


More about Ginny

The call was clear. The path was not.

Ginny grew up in the ghettos of Nashville where most of her early years were about survival. Her environment was chaotic and abusive, which left her longing for stability. As a child, she stuck out like a sore thumb, troubled, distracted, and removed, she struggled to find a sense of belonging.


As a young adult, Ginny was looking for outlets of expression. Through art, silent film, and spoken word, she found ways to express what was churning at her depths.

Those outlets pulled Ginny out of her introverted nature and into the spotlight. She discovered ways to own her trauma and with the help of her misfit community, she was able to create a sense of security and acceptance that had otherwise been missing.

While she loved Nashville, there was a deeper calling to come out west as she began to yearn for reinvention. So, (as Nashvillians do) she tattooed her chest with phoenix, packed her bags, and moved to San Francisco in search of a new sense of self.

10 years later and feeling lost, Ginny was begging for a wake-up call. After an extreme near-death experience in the Grand Canyon, she realized that her life was powered by her choices, in this case, her choice to live or to die.

Seeking clarity and to continue the breakthrough, Ginny found herself in front of wild and fierce teachers. While they were impactful, Ginny recognized she was being summoned to engage her inner knowing and find her truths for herself. She followed that pull, and with the guidance of Rev. Laura Hopper, she trained her psychic and spiritual abilities.

Ginny is an initiate of sacred spiritual orders, a student of mysticism, and deeply devoted to this path as her life’s work. She seeks to grow in acceptance, compassion, and neutrality for herself and others. Allowing her to expand in ownership and create more freedom, every day. Explore Ginny’s website to learn more