Geraldine Orozco


Fridays, 12-7pm

DNA Reprogramming: 90 min/$200
Children’s DNA Reprogramming: 90 min/$188

Sessions also available in Spanish

DNA Reprogramming

De-program blockages, activate DNA, integrate the soul, and leave the reincarnation cycle

A DNA Reprogramming session takes you into a deep state of meditation through regression, to access primary and secondary emotions, and identify the root origin of blockages. Geraldine guides you through a complete body scan and removal of entities and attachments. The endocrine chakra system is realigned and cleared. The session ends with a complete realignment of the body and reconnection to source (your higher self).


More about Geraldine’s work

After a life changing experience, Geraldine was able to see the multidimensional body. This allows her to see the information contained within the different layers of the body, and provide guidance for healing. Through vibrational frequency, these fragments are healed and reintegrated, deprogramming the body and mind at the molecular level.

She believes the body functions like a sponge, absorbing vibrational information from our surroundings and experiences. We filter these experiences through our belief programs.

Belief programs are created between the womb and the first 7 years of age. For deep healing, we must release false truths and deceptions we may be carrying, and recognize what is real. This helps to transform pain, suffering, illness, and blockages. Releasing all that is not true, you can embody the highest expression of yourself.

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