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Stepping Into Sovereignty Ceremony

  • East West Bookshop 324 Castro Street Mountain View, CA, 94041 United States (map)

$1500/2 hour session, Call (650) 988-9800 to reserve a session

Friday, Jun 7, 11:30-5:30pm

Saturday, Jun 8, 4-9pm

Briana Saussy is delighted to make a very limited number of one on one ritual experiences available to those yearning for a fully comprehensive –and real–magical experience. This is a ceremony that is custom tailored to each individual that participates and rooted in the two folk magic traditions that Briana grew up with–Conjure and Curanderisimo. The overarching theme is one of Sovereignty–recognizing, honoring, and coming into deep and right relationship with our personal power so that we may be blessed and a blessing in turn.

Each ceremony begins with a Sacred Arts Session where Brianna will work with several divination tools including tarot, astrology, oracle cards and spirit-led insights to shape the ceremonial time in the way that will best benefit the client.

After the initial consultation the client will be given prompts and soul questions to work on and while they do that Briana will create a devotional candle for them, a personal blessing, and direct them on how to create a personal petition that can be used in their spiritual work going forward.

The ceremony will close with rare hands-on work as Briana provides a sacred footbath that will include the ritual washing and purification of the feet (one of the most magically sensitive areas on our bodies) followed by the anointing and sealing of the feet so that the participant literally does step into sovereignty at the rite’s conclusion.

After the ritual has concluded Briana will send the client a special talisman via mail that has been attuned to their specific concerns and aspirations and will be available for post ceremony care via email.

Briana Saussy brings over 20 years of professional experience to her Sacred Art Session Intuitive and Spirit-led readings. Working with a unique mixture of divination tools that include astrology, tarot, oracle cards, sortilege, and more as well as her background in and knowledge of sacred texts from around the world, Briana is known for her ability to get down to the heart of the matter in a practical, no-nonsense, and compassionate manner. Raised in two folk magic traditions that treat divination as a diagnostic tool, Briana will often suggest ritual acts and ceremonies to best support you. Briana is author of Making Magic, a teacher, spiritual counselor, and ritualist dedicated to the sacred arts. Learn more.

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