Bobby Vasquez


Wednesdays, 12-7pm

$70/30 min • $135/60 min
$200/90 min

Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Sound Therapist

Restore your nature flow of energy with sound therapy. Bobby offers a unique and intuitive approach to sound therapy by using tuning forks. He helps bring awareness to what is creating the imbalances in your energetic body.

Bobby is a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner who received his training from Eileen Day McKusick, creator of the Biofield Tuning method. He has been working with sound for the past 15 years.  Biofield Tuning is a unique non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biofield, that surrounds the human body. It is a simple, non-invasive, and efficient method that can produce profound and powerful outcomes.


More about Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a unique non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body. Biofield Tuning was developed by pioneering researcher and practitioner Eileen Day McKusick and is based on her 20 years of clinical inquiry into the Biofield Anatomy. It is a simple, non-invasive, and efficient method that can produce profound and powerful outcomes.

Tuning forks appear to work therapeutically according to the physics principles of resonance and entrainment. Initially they resonate with whatever distortion or dysfunction is present in the body and its field, and then, through the production of a stronger, more coherent frequency, they entrain the body into a more coherent expression as well.

Since everything in the body is in motion, and everything in motion produces pressure waves into the surrounding environment, it makes sense that there is actually an acoustic field of inaudible sound around each individual. Most people have had the experience of getting a “bad vibe” off of someone.

The overtones and undertones produced by the tuning forks interface, like sonar, with these acoustic emanations of the body and act as a sort of “invisible ink decoder” to locate areas of noise in the signal. These pockets of noise are held like nodes or eddies in the standing waves contained within the biofield and may relate to experiences of physical, mental or emotional stress from any point in our lifetimes.

When the corresponding signal of noise in the body due to a dysfunctional system can be located in the field, the precise application of sound – which may be as far as five or more feet away from the body – can cause the body to self-regulate out of the noise and into a more harmonious expression. Description by Eileen McKusick


The experience


Biofield Tuning is an energetic healing modality using sound and vibration. It's like a chiropractor adjustment for your energetic body that you always needed and never knew you wanted. The Biofield is very similar to the rings of a tree. It contains a timeline of a person’s life history, with each ring in the field storing information related to different experiences and emotions.

The process begins when you lie on the table and share your age so that I may establish the timeline in your field.

The session uses 2 non weighted forks that are used in your field (174 hz., 528 hz.) and two weighted forks ( 54.81hz., 62.64 hz.) that are used on the body and at times used with a lemurian crystal.

We usually begin 5-6 feet away from the table using the tuning forks to comb or move in on your Biofield towards the center of your body towards your energy centers.

The tuning forks will alert me of the edge of your field. Depending on where we get stopped in your timeline, this will allow us to determine if there were any situations in your past that could have possibly caused any trauma or disturbance, any stuck energy in your field.

The frequency of the forks changes the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body restoring the natural rhythm and signal flow of energy.

Hydrotherapy is a very important element to this process. Please be sure to arrive properly hydrated, as well as continue to hydrate post session. It is recommended that you take an Epsom salt bath to help discharge any residual energy. Detox symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, dizzyness, etc., can occur after your session.

This work can be done at a distance through the phone or Skype if you prefer. If you have any further questions about the process please feel free to contact me.