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Crystals are some of the most remarkable gifts of nature—beautiful, healing, inspiring. East West has a large selection of amethysts, quartz of every kind, selenite, citrine, labradorite, agates, shungite, onyx, tourmaline, and much more. Our discerning buyer, Amara, has been selecting the most beautiful stones for us for 20 years.

One of the largest Collections in California

We are honored to host an extraordinary display of museum quality crystals from world-class collector, Bill Kaunitz. This isn't just a temporary offering—it’s a new department at East West, greatly expanding our already much loved crystal section. These rare pieces will grace your special altar, garden, office, or corporate lobby. And new pieces come in regularly. Below are some of Bill’s crystal treasures:


What are Crystals Used for?

Crystals were used by ancient cultures (Sumerians, Egyptians, Jews, Indians, Chinese, and others) for healing, protection, and spiritual practices. Cultures that had no contact with each other often ascribed the same properties to specific stones. Jade was considered a kidney healing stone by the ancient Chinese, and also by the Aztecs and Mayans. Turquoise is used for strength and health throughout the world.  Jaspers in nearly every culture were used for strength and calm. 
Clear quartz has been used as a “universal healer” and to enhance spiritual awareness and health. It is strongly protective, neutralizing negative energies, including electromagnetic energy.


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